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How to Read Stopwatch

Basically we are describing only two types of stopwatches, the traditional non-digital watch with an outsizes hand that circles the clock in a clockwise motion and more modern digitalclock that typically .relying on which clock you use you will be eager to understand the thanks to read them.
Non Digital StopwatchLook at the massive hand that rotates around the outside numbers of the stopwatch. this is often often the "seconds" hand. you will see the stopwatch within the image to the left side of this step. Examine the smaller inside hand; very almost like the larger seconds hand, this smaller hand also rotates clockwise but measures the minutes used. Combine the small minutes hand with the larger seconds hand to receive the entire time used. as an example if the small hand is on the three and thus the big hand is on the 45 mark, then you've used 3 minutes and 45 seconds.Press the button at the very best of the stopwatch to reset the hands to the zero mark.  Digital Stopwatch…
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Understanding of stopwatch

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